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Stock house plans can be accessed by clicking here on the ‘House Plans’ link. Please check footprint information noted on each set of house plans to make sure your selected plan will fit on your lot. If you are unsure, please feel free to fax or mail a copy of your lot perimeters, and Monte Smith Designs will verify whether the set of house plans fit on your lot, or if modifications need to be made.

Custom House Plans

Monte Smith Designs will create a set of house plans that will fit your lifestyle, home site dimensions, elevation style, or whatever other aspects your home building wish list contains, including budget. Monte Smith Designs is a design/custom home builder that is located in Hawaii; Houston, Texas and in the Montgomery County, Lake Conroe area north of Houston Texas.

Monte Smith, designer for Monte Smith Designs, will custom design a set of house plans for the home buyer. He will begin the process using your initial ideas, or create a new set of house plans by combining ideas, reflecting your building site, style of home, lifestyle, and budget. A meeting will be initiated to review the steps required in completing a design. Please click on the “Custom House Plans button for information about the design process steps. We may be contacted during construction to consult with your builder if needed. Monte Smith Designs will also design house plans for builders’ speculative and or custom house plan purposes, and will offer the architectual design/custom home builder storefront for builders wishing to design and build with their customer.

About the Designer

With Over 27 Years Design Experience,
What distinguishes Monte Smith from other designers? According to his satisfied customer base, his creativity is what makes the difference. Monte, a self-taught designer, has an extensive background as both a framing contractor and a Custom Home Builder. Monte began his home building career in the early 1980's, working for Mastercraft Homes, which is a design/build company that targets the custom home market. Based on this experience, Monte now offers custom designed homes to fit the practical needs of home buyers. Monte’s talent with creative designs has allowed him to establish himself as a leading home designer and builder in the Montgomery County and Lake Conroe area north of Houston, Texas.

Talent and enthusiasm distinguish Monte, as he tackles every job with the same excitement he felt when building his very first home. His clients share in this, as they appreciate Monte’s jovial personality and his sincere concern for their ultimate satisfaction in designing a home within their budget that reflects their personal lifestyle. Monte finds that being open to creative challenges and changes, and paying attention to customer desired detail will allow Monte flexibility in making a custom designed home which is the main ingredient for his winning formula. Monte most enjoys the personal gratification that comes from combining his creative talent with his clients’ personal preferences, as they work together to enhance the character of the home.

Here, at Monte Smith Designs, we strive to provide a high quality set of house plans for the general contractor, builders, and other consumers that are interested in new or spec home construction. These plans provide flexible floor plans that are energy efficient, and hold excellent market appeal for the active lifestyles of today’s consumer.



Career Biography

Monte Smith began his career in construction in the summer of 1978, while still in high school. He began working for a school friend’s father, who happened to be a roofing contractor. At that time, Monte’s experience with shingling houses and assisting crews with asphalt-shingle roofs began, continuing throughout the entire summer.

Monte’s next job allowed him to learn about the air conditioning business, where he worked with an a/c and heating company in Conroe, Texas. Monte was a helper, where he installed a/c and heating units and did the ductwork for Poinsett A/C & Heat, from September, 1978 through June, 1979.

In July, 1979, Monte was offered a job with a framing contractor, where he began as a carpenter apprentice, learning to frame walls, stairs and rafters. After three months, the framing contractor taught Monte how to install cornice work on new houses. Monte worked for Daryl Walker, from July, 1979 until March, 1980.

Monte then began his own framing company in April, 1980, under the name of MDS CONSTRUCTION CO. Monte would contract with local custom builders to frame and cornice their new homes. MDS CONSTRUCTION CO. quickly grew into a large framing contract company that eventually developed many as 17 framing crews by 1982.

In 1982, Monte began building custom homes on a small scale, building two homes per year through his MDS CONSTRUCTION affiliation.

In 1983, Monte started a second company, MASTERCRAFT HOMES, where he designed and contracted with customers to build their new homes. Monte maintained MDS CONSTRUCTION as an ongoing framing company, until MASTERCRAFT HOMES took on a life of its own, and he could no longer manage both. MDS CONSTRUCTION framed its last house in 1989.

Monte then established MASTERCRAFT HOMES in the Montgomery County-Lake Conroe area, located north of Houston, which has become one of the top custom builders in the area. He is know for his “hands on” approach to building high quality homes. Monte’s involvement includes:


  • Designing the houses

  • Pricing out the cost of each project

  • Contracting to build

  • Setting up loans

  • Securing permits

  • Supervising the installation of the slab

  • Framing the house

  • Roughing the installations

  • Insulating and sheet rocking

  • Designing cabinets and supervising cabinet and trim installations

  • Managing paint contractor

  • Overseeing countertops, flooring, appliances, and light fixture installations

  • Overseeing driveway and flatwork, as well as final selection through punch-out process.


MASTERCRAFT HOMES, under the management of Monte Smith, has designed and built over 600 new custom homes, from 1981 through September 2006.

Monte is also a member of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BUILDING DESIGN and, as a Professional Building Designer, has designed new homes for other builders and homeowners in the Greater Houston area and the Montgomery County, Texas area.

Many thanks,

Monte Smith



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Buy a set of stock house plans or have designer Monte Smith custom design a set of house plans for you. We can and will provide house plan design services for all 50 United States. Which includes the greater Houston, Texas, Lake Conroe areas.

Monte Smith Designs Disclaimer: Monte Smith the "House Plans" designer for and MONTE SMITH DESIGNS makes no claims or implied claims of being a "Licensed Architect"... Monte Smith has worked with Architects on many occasions and helped finalize architectural designs that have ended up being stamped by a licensed architect. Monte Smith can and will collaborate and co-work with a Licensed Architect or Structural Engineer on any Monte Smith Designs House Plan where the House Plans need to be stamped by a Licensed Architect or Structural Engineer for any house plans that need to be submitted for approval by any City, County or State agency where this professional stamp is required. Monte Smith Designs has used the word Architectural in this website as being described in the English Dictionary. 
According to "" Architectural  means..
  1. of or pertaining to architecture: architectural metals   
  2. conforming to the basic principles of architecture.
  3. having the qualities of architecture; characteristic of architecture; structural; architectonic

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